Laboratory Mini Planetary Ball Mill Two Stations For Sample Test

The Two stations laboratory planetary ball mill (instrument) adopts high-quality accessories and is suitable for grinding hard to soft and brittle samples and samples in suspension in the laboratory. It is a good choice for ultrafine powder grinding, sample processing in pharmaceutical industry, preparation of new materials, mechanical alloy and mechanical activation of materials. It is suitable for fine grinding of single batch of samples, mixing and homogenizing of emulsion and paste.
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Product Details

Performance features:

1,Desktop operation, no installation, safe and simple use;

2,Small grinding space can achieve excellent grinding effect for a small number of samples;

3,The highest speed is 900r / min, and it has good speed control function to realize fast and even grinding;

4,Suitable for suspension grinding without loss;

5,Voltage of optional power supply (100-120 / 200-240 V);

6,The motor control and frequency conversion control system ensure the repeatability and high consistency of grinding;

7,The compensation principle which is easy to operate is used to compensate the imbalance of the weight of the sample and the ball in different ball milling jars;

8,The volume of grinding jar is raetween 50-200ml;

9,There are more than ten kinds of grinding devices of different materials for grinding materials of analytical grade purity to ensure pollution-free grinding;

10,Programmed control of grinding time and cooling time as well as grinding sequence of changing direction and alternation can set short grinding time accurate to seconds to enhance the grinding effect;

11,The vacuum milling jars of various materials can be used for filling gas for mechanical alloy or vacuum grinding;

12,The grinding elements are easy to clean;

13,CE standard;

14,1 year warranty;

Main parameters:

1,Maximum feed size: soil material ≤ 10 mm, other material ≤ 3 mm

2,Discharge particle size: up to 0.1um minimum

3,Maximum capacity: 200ml

4,Maximum number of samples that can be processed at the same time: 2

5,The volume of the ball milling jar is 50ml, 100ml

6,Electrical Description: 100-120 / 200-240 V / 1 ~, 50-60 Hz 0.37kw

7,Main functions: operation, stop, change direction operation, positive and reverse alternating operation, intermittent operation, timing, stepless speed regulation, reduction, protection, etc

Main features:

1,It is mainly used in laboratory laser spectrum analysis, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, glass, ceramics, building materials, precision grinding of coal raw materials, pretreatment of laboratory samples in the food industry and research fields of material technology, geology, mineralogy and nuclear industry

2,Grinding time and cooling time can be set to the accuracy of seconds, as well as forward and reverse operation, and grinding frequency can be set

3,Analysis of pure grade grinding materials ensures no pollution

4,The instrument and grinding elements are easy to clean, and the pollution of the sample is minimized

5,It can be filled with inert gas for grinding and can be ground in vacuum

6,There are more than ten kinds of ball milling jars with different materials available, including agate, alumina, zirconia, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane, nylon, tungsten carbide, etc

7,Refrigeration equipment can be added to realize low temperature ball milling.

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