Mini Laboratory Planetary Ball Mill For Sample Test

This planetary ball mill is the best equipment for grinding a small amount of powder samples in the laboratory。
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This Mini Laboratory Planetary ball mill is a necessary device for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, nano material dispersion, new product development and small batch production of high-tech materials. Planetary ball mill has the advantages of small volume, full function, high efficiency and low noise. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research institutions, universities and enterprise laboratories to obtain micro particle research samples (four samples can be obtained at the same time in each experiment). The planetary ball mill is equipped with a vacuum ball mill, which can grind samples in vacuum. Planetary ball mill products are widely used in geology, minerals, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, beauty, environmental protection and other departments.

Main uses:

Planetary ball mill is used in the laboratories of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to grind the research samples to colloidal fineness (up to 0.1 μ m at least) in batches, and mix, homogenize and disperse them. It is widely used in geological, soil, metallurgy, electronics, power, materials, chemical light, medicine, beauty, environmental protection, ceramics, glass, nuclear research and other scientific research and industrial departments.

Working principle:

The planetary ball mill is equipped with four ball mill jars on the same turntable. When the rotary table rotates, the ball mill jar rotates around the rotary table shaft and makes star like motion. The ball in the ball mill jar grinds and mixes the sample in high speed motion. the sample can be ground and mixed by dry and wet methods. the minimum particle size of the sample can be 0.1 μ m (i.e. 1.0 × 10 MM-4).

Technical parameter:

sample characteristicsSoft, hard, brittle, fibrous, dry or wet
working principleImpact force
transmission modegear drive
Vacuum grindingVacuum grinding can be carried out by selecting vacuum ball mill jar
Maximum sample sizeTwo thirds of the volume of ball mill jar
Number of grinding platforms2/4
Driving modeThree phase AC motor
Electrical description110/220VAC,50/60HZ,0.25KW
Speed of ball millRevolution 550rpm / min, autorotation 1100rpm / min

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