Vertical Planetary Ball Mill 2L With 4 Stations

This is a planetary ball mill for grinding laboratory samples, which focuses on the use of heavy ball mill jars.
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Vertical Planetary Ball Mill 2L With 4 Stations

Working principle of planetary ball mill:

The planetary ball mill guides the sample to do planetary motion through the rotation of the ball mill jar itself and the revolution of the whole planetary disk,in this way, the grinding balls in the ball mill jar will form friction force, shear force and centrifugal force through planetary motion,the samples are crushed in this form.


1,Strong, fast grinding, high precision discharging effect;

2,Grinding fine, pollution-free, suitable for grinding a wide range of materials;

3,Low noise, low vibration, more comfortable to use;

4,The control of grinding data such as rotation speed and time can ensure the repeatability and consistency of sample grinding;

5,Equipped with a variety of different materials of ball mill jar grinding at the same time, with the diversity of grinding samples;

6,Support dry grinding, wet grinding, vacuum / pressurized grinding, inert gas grinding, low / high temperature grinding;

7,Grinding room and control room are equipped with high ventilation and heat dissipation system;

8,The control system has strong controllability, convenient parameter setting, various functions, intuitive digital display, simple operation, one-piece operation and safe use;

9,Power off protection function, automatic storage of grinding data;

Main technical parameters:

Maximum feed size: < 15mm

Ball mill jar volume: 50ml/100ml/250ml/500ml

Number of grinding platforms: 4pcs

Speed ratio: 1:2

Speed of ball mill jar: 800r / min

Diameter of planetary disk: 360mm

Planetary disk thickness: 10 mm

Ball mill jar material: stainless steel / nylon / polyurethane / polytetrafluoroethylene / polypropylene / high molecular polyethylene / agate / alumina / zirconia and so on

Grinding balls material: stainless steel / alumina / zirconia / agate / cemented carbide

Power: 0.75kw

Voltage: 110-120VAC/220-230 VAC

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Net weight: 120kg

Protection grade: IP53

Standard: CE/ISO9001

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